Rugby is Back!

Finally, after a long year of restrictions and other sports-killing regulations, our great game is being played again by the senior clubs and the local high schools. However, we must recognize that in all these cases there is no “next level” competition. We are simply back to playing one-off games. But after last year, that is fabulous enough.

So what has changed since we last played games? Let’s start with KCRFC. We are fielding a really good side right now. We have reasonable size, we are athletic, we have speed on the outside areas, and very experienced players in all the key places, if not across the board. This is a smooth running, well-oiled machine put together by Rugby Director Pat Clifton and it shows on the scoreboard. We are certainly the best Second Division side in the Midwest and we can play with most, if not all, First Division teams.

Moreover, there is rumor of a second side being formed that will be made up of “under 23” players to become a developmental side playing, primarily, a collegiate schedule. This will be in lieu of the old “second side” of long ago that featured players too old to compete in the Firsts, but who were strong practitioners of the Dark Arts and the never-ending cup of beer under the shade tree after games.

It seems that most college teams are waiting until this fall to begin playing again, but there is plenty of action at the local high school level. Independence high schools are back in action with their team; Park Hill is reconstituted with a good coaching staff; Liberty and Liberty North are both becoming powerhouses; and the Griffins continue to build momentum. On the Kansas side, the KC Cougars should be back in action next season, and St. James Academy put together a great season and made it to the Kansas State Championship game versus national powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas.
Additionally the Foundation is looking to support the launch of new High School teams in the KC Metro, including an inner city team, and potential teams in eastern Jackson County and also in the Olathe area.

And you? What are you doing now that Rugby is back in the real world? Why not get involved? Get back in touch with your game by contacting the Rugby Foundation and asking how you can help. Anyone can pitch in. Get back in the game—get involved—click on the button that says “Contact us”! You’ll be glad you did!