Our Club, the Kansas City Rugby Football Club

It is unique to note that KCRFC is the second longest-continuing sports franchise in Kansas City — we kicked off our first game mere months after the Chiefs transferred into town in 1963. It is also interesting to know that we are the oldest Rugby club between St. Louis and California, having incorporated in 1964.

The Club was started by a transplanted Englishman – Gerry Seymour – who later affixed his signature to the original charter document forming the United States of America Rugby Football Union in 1975. Since then the Club has played all over the country, hosted teams from around the world, and toured the British Isles and Canada. We have had many players selected for representative Rugby and we are proud to say that one of our players has played for the U.S. national team, The Eagles, in international play. The Club was a charter member in forming the Heart of American Rugby Football Union and competes today in Division II of the Mid-American Rugby Union.

In addition to its strong play on the field, KCRFC has always believed in spreading the game on an area and regional basis. At the same time, the Club places a strong emphasis on building and maintaining the strong friendships developed among its members throughout the last sixty-seven (and counting) years. Many, many of our past players from previous decades as far back as The Sixties – the Olde Boys – continue to attend games, social events, and our annual Rugby Ball.

As a long-time contributor to the Kansas City sporting scene, KCRFC also plays a role in supporting activities for the less fortunate in our community. Among other things, the Club has fed the homeless at the City Union Mission, supervised and administered Special Olympic events, and continually works with high school Rugby teams.

This is an exceptional Rugby club populated by exceptional people.

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KCRFC circa 2013